Welcome to the Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care

Brochard Laurent.

Departments of Medicine, Surgery, Anaesthesia and Paediatrics

The Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine continues to follow the vision that we collectively described during our strategic planning. As you will see, on the one hand we continue to maintain excellence in research (publications, grants and awards despite a very competitive context), education, quality of care and international outreach, but on the other hand we are also working hard to reorganize our Division to better address this vision.

We value our differences and diversity in background, origins and interests, having members coming from four different Departments of the University of Toronto; we enjoy having adult and peadiatric critical care in the same division, and we also want to better reflect the diversity of Toronto and Canada.

2016 is like a transition year during which we decided, after a very successful retreat, to move to a different organization for education and being better prepared to a number of important challenges. We also prepare ourselves for having a new website, for starting our Alliance projects and developing quite a significant number of innovations in research in order to reinforce our collaborations within IDCCM and beyond our own discipline. We are really looking for cross-fertilization, multidisciplinarity and multi-professional team work.

As usual, you will find in these pages a brief reflection of the extraordinary vitality of our members. Each hospital site had to face major clinical activity and also develop specific projects but we always come at the same common table.

It remains for me a huge privilege and pleasure to work with such a talented group of individuals, trying to lead the group towards a continuous search for excellence.

Thanks to all our members for their incredible work!

Laurent Brochard, MD
Division Director, Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine
Department of Medicine, University of Toronto