Research Collaborations

Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG)

The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) was created in 1989 to improve the care of critically ill patients through investigator-initiated research, and to provide a national forum for continuing education about research methods.

Dr. Brian Kavangh's Lab

This laboratory is housed in the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning at the Hospital for Sick Children and consists of facilities for studying lung and cardiovascular physiology in large and small animals, in vivo and ex vivo lung perfusion, mechanical ventilation, and a full range of molecular studies and assays.

Dr. Brian Kavanagh's lab

Dr. Claudia Dos Santos's Lab

Dr. Claudia dos Santos' lab is housed on the 6th floor of the Keenan Research Center for Biomedical Research of St. Michael's Hospital. This research is centered on learning how and why organs fail during critical illness by studying the host's response.

Dr. Claudia Dos Santos' lab

Dr. Warren Lee's Lab

This is an endothelial biology lab with a focus on the study of permeability. These researchers have particular expertise in the study of endothelial LDL transcytosis (the first step in atherosclerosis) and in the development of therapeutic approaches for lung endothelial leakage during inflammation.

Dr. Warren Lee's lab

Dr. Laurent Brochard's Lab

Dr. Laurent Brochard's lab is located in the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Research of St. Michael's Hospital. Our research interests include: acute respiratory failure, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, mechanical ventilation, including noninvasive ventilation, patient-ventilator interaction, extubation and weaning from mechanical ventilation. Dr. Brochard's research approaches include simulation, experimental and engineering collaboration, applied physiology at the bedside and clinical trials.

Dr. Laurent Brochard's Research Lab

AICORN (Acute Intesive Care Outcome Research Network)

AICORN is a multidisciplinary research group that seeks to further understanding of healthcare delivery and identify ways to optimize care and outcomes. Projects involve large database analyses focused on clinical epidemiology and health services research related to acute and intensive care. AICORN is based at the Department of Critical Care Medicine at Sunnybrook Health Sciences

AICORN (Acute & Intensive Care Outcome Research Network)

Neurocritical Care Toronto

This preconference workshop will provide key updates in the rapidly moving area of neurocritical care. This year’s workshop will focus on the up-to-date approach to neuroprognostication, advances in neuroimaging and neuromonitoring, and review best practice in neuroprognostication and acute ischemic stroke, spinal cord injury, cardiac arrest and traumatic brain injury.

Neurocritical Care Toronto