Paediatric Critical Care Medicine

The Hospital for Sick Children

Site/Program Director: Briseida Mema, MD, FRCPC

555 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

The Pediatric Critical Care Program is an accredited training program of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Its Faculty and graduates have earned the Program an unrivalled, global reputation in clinical practice, scientific discovery, and postgraduate medical education. Pediatric CCM trainees consist of highly-motivated, suitably-qualified, Canadian and international applicants. The training experience includes immersion in the clinical programs of Cardiac Critical Care, Pediatric Intensive Care and Critical Care Response. These clinical rotations are combined with the formal paediatric critical care teaching program, research training, simulation-based research & training, quality & safety and access to the world-renowned adult critical care program at the University of Toronto.

The volume and diversity of patients for which Sick Kids provides care offers numerous opportunities for clinical research. Trainees are mentored in the development of their own research interests with the active participation and direction of the attending critical care staff and other sub-specialty services within the hospital. Trainees are encouraged to be active participants in clinical conferences, multidisciplinary rounds, and weekly meetings of other subspecialty services such as Cardiology/Cardiovascular Surgery, General Surgery, Trauma and Transplantation. The Critical Care Response Team is an outreach program led by a critical care trainee. This team is responsible for managing in-hospital patients with escalating acuity as well as in coordinating appropriate stabilization and transportation of critical care referrals from around the country to the Hospital for Sick Children.

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