Critical Care Physiology Rounds

Critical Care Physiology Rounds

Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine
University of Toronto

Steering Committee

Ewan Goligher, Alberto Goffi, Lorenzo Del Sorbo, Eddy Fan, Jennifer Beck, Martin Chapman, Niall Ferguson, Laurent Brochard, Connie Martins

Goals of the Rounds

Physiology Rounds are held to promote the understanding and application of physiological knowledge and measurement to clinical practice and research in critical care medicine.

Scope of the Rounds

Physiology Rounds are designed to facilitate discussion regarding both methodological and clinical issues in integrative organ system physiology. Topics pertaining to all physiological systems are welcome for presentation and discussion at the Rounds. Physicians in the Interdepartmental Division of Criticla Care Medicine (attendings and fellows), respiratory therapists, physical therapists, and all investigators with interest in human physiology will be invited. Topics will be invited by a Call for Input; decisions re presentation will be subject to steering committee approval.

Format of the Rounds

The Rounds are constituted by three different types of sessions.

  1. Educational sessions provide a broad or focused overview of a specific physiological topic typically given as a plenary lecture by an invited speaker.
  2. Research sessions afford investigators the opportunity to present a research question or protocol at any stage of development for discussion and feedback from the audience. The opportunity to present at a research session will be contingent on a commitment to present the research proposal at Clinical Research in Progress (CRIP) Rounds.
  3. Practical sessions afford the opportunity for anyone to bring clinical or technical problems to the group for discussion and feedback. In particular, these sessions will focus on the practicalities of measurement acquisition and analysis.

The Rounds will be 90 minutes in length, consisting of two 45 minute sessions, each devoted to a separate topic. Presentations will be limited to 25 minutes to permit time for questions and discussion. Powerpoint slides shown at each rounds will be posted on the Divisional website.

Schedule and Location

Physiology Rounds will be held approximately once per month during the academic year on Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:00 pm (timed so as not to conflict with Research in Progress rounds). The Rounds will be hosted at the Hospital for Sick Children with webcasting to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Rounds will also intermittently be held at Sunnybrook HSC intermittently.